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Evaluation of the Role of UNDP in the Net Contributor Countries of the Arab Region


This independent evaluation of the role of UNDP inthe NCCs of the Arab regionwas commissioned by the Evaluation Office of UNDP. Its focus is on learning and the future role of UNDP among the group of countries. The key objective is to assess UNDP activities and programmes in the Arab region NCCs in terms of addressing the development challenges of the countries and support their aspirations; and the implications of this experience for UNDP corporate policies and practices that relate to NCCs, as well as for its future activities in those NCCs. This evaluation is relevant and important in the context of the growing number of middle-income countries that will graduate to NCC status in the coming years.

The evaluation was conducted by an independent evaluation team in 2007 and included visits to all five countries. A wide variety of stakeholders were engaged in the evaluation process, including government and civil society. To obtain a broader range of views about the role of UNDP in the countries than could be obtained by the short missions of the evaluation team, ‘national stakeholder perception reports’ were commissioned in three of the countries and undertaken by national research organizations. Upon completion of the final draft of the evaluation report, a stakeholder workshop was held to bring together government, civil society and UNDP to examine the report and its recommendations, in particular with the specific objective of finding ways to strengthen the engagement of UNDP in the NCCs of the Arab region.

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1. Introduction

2. United Nations, UNDP and the NCCs of the Arab Region

3. Contribution to National Development Results and UNDP's Value-Added

4. Strategic Positioning of UNDP's Country Programmes

4. Implementation of the Country Programmes

5. Conclusions and Recommendation