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Quality Assurance

Evaluation Advisory Panel

The Director of the Independent Evaluation Office has appointed an International Evaluation Advisory Panel (IEAP) to provide periodic advice on evaluation strategies, plans, methodologies and deliverables. It consists of eminent evaluation experts and scholars from around the world.

Audit and Evaluation Advisory Committee (AEAC)

The purpose of the Audit and Evaluation Advisory Committee (AEAC) is to assist the Administrator in fulfilling his/her responsiblity regarding responsibilities regarding oversight, financial management and reporting, internal audit and investigation, external audit, risk management, the evaluation and ethics functions and systems of internal control and accountability.

Term of Reference of AEAC

Peer Review

The Independent Evaluation Office has participated in peer reviews conducted by independent professionals in the field of evaluation. The reviews provide an assessment of independence, credibility and utility of the evaluation function and provide recommendations to the Independent Evaluation Office and the Executive Board of UNDP.

Peer Review 2005

Peer Review 2012