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2021 Evaluations

Thematic Evaluations assess UNDP performance in areas that are critical to ensuring sustained contribution to development results in the context of emerging development issues and changing priorities at the global and regional levels. To this end, thematic evaluations may cover, for example, UNDP policies, focus areas, partnerships, programmatic approaches, cooperation modalities, or business models. The Evaluation Office also engages in evaluations conducted jointly with other United Nations organizations to assess system-wide performance.

UNDP support to energy access and transition

This evaluation was undertaken through the lens of the urgent need to speed up the move away from overreliance on fossil fuels as we strive to close the energy gap. Its recommendations outline a course of action, streamlined with the ambition expressed at the United Nations High-Level Dialogue on Energy in September 2021 and in the UNDP Strategic Plan, 2022-2025, which will inform the work of UNDP in this important field.

Evaluation of UNDP Support for Youth Economic Empowerment

This evaluation sets out a series of recommendations for programmes and infrastructures to ensure that support to youth is relevant and meaningful. At the heart of recommendations to improve the inclusivity of UNDP strategic programming is the importance of balancing investment in individuals – namely training and support to entrepreneurship – with support for structural job creation.

Evaluation of UNDP Strategic Plan 2018-2021

This evaluation provides an assessment of UNDP’s vision set out in the Strategic Plan 2018-2021, and the extent to which the enablers and changes introduced to operationalize it are helping to improve UNDP’s support for fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals and helping the organization to adapt and respond to changes in context.