Isabelle Mercier

Director Isabelle Mercier

Alan Fox

Deputy Director Alan Fox

Vijayalakshmi Vadivelu

Chief of the Section - Corporate and Thematic Evaluations Vijayalakshmi Vadivelu

Fumika Ouchi

Chief of Section - Country Programme Evaluation Fumika Ouchi

Ana Rosa Soares

Chief of Section - Syntheses and Lessons Ana Rosa Soares

Richard Jones

Chief of Section - Capacity Development Richard Jones

Gonzalo Gomez

Chief of Section Gonzalo Gomez

Ximena Rios

Chief of Section Ximena Rios

Heather Bryant

Evaluation Advisor, GEI Heather Bryant

Anna Guerraggio

Evaluation Advisor Anna Guerraggio

Oanh Nguyen

Evaluation Specialist Vacant

Yogesh Bhatt

Evaluation Specialist Yogesh Bhatt

Tina Tordjman-Nebe

Evaluation Specialist Tina Tordjman-Nebe

Shivit Bakrania

Evaluation Specialist Shivit Bakrania

Kate Pond

Communication Specialist Kate Pond

Anish Pradhan

IT Specialist Anish Pradhan

Harvey John Garcia

Evaluation Specialist Harvey John Garcia

Jin Zhang

Programme Specialist Jin Zhang

Amanuel Zerihoun

Evaluation Specialist Amanuel Zerihoun

Ben Murphy

Evaluation Specialist Ben Murphy

Eduardo Gomez

Evaluation Specialist Eduardo Gomez

Juan David Gonzales

Evaluation Specialist Juan David Gonzales

Öykü Ulucay

Evaluation Specialist Öykü Ulucay

Enika Bushi

Evaluation Specialist Enika Bushi

Angela Naletilic

Evaluation Specialist Angela Naletilic

Yosef Abraha

Evaluation Specialist Yosef Abraha

Flora Jimenez

Communication Analyst Flora Jimenez

Michelle Sy

Programme Associate Michelle Sy

Oforiwa Asare

Finance Associate Oforiwa Asare

Concepcion Cole

Programme Associate Concepcion Cole


Procurement Associate (vacant)

Maya Fridman

Procurement Associate Maya Fridman

Sonam Choetsho

Programme Assistant Sonam Choetsho

Antana Locs

Programme Assistant Antana Locs