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Indran A.Naidoo

Director Indran A.Naidoo

Arild Hauge

Deputy Director Arild Hauge

Alan Fox

Chief of Section Alan Fox

Fumika Ouchi

Chief of Section Fumika Ouchi

Heather Bryant

Chief of Section Heather Bryant

Ximena Rios

Chief of Section Ximena Rios

Vijayalakshmi Vadivelu

Evaluation Advisor Vijayalakshmi Vadivelu

Ana Rosa Soares

Evaluation Advisor Ana Rosa Soares

Roberto La Rovere

Evaluation Advisor Roberto La Rovere

Richard Jones

Evaluation Advisor Richard Jones

Deqa Musa Ibrahim

Evaluation Specialist Deqa Ibrahim Musa

Oanh Nguyen

Evaluation Specialist Oanh Nguyen

Yogesh Bhatt

Evaluation Specialist Yogesh Bhatt

Evaluation Specialist Jessica Xiaojie Guot

Natalia Acosta

Evaluation Specialist Natalia Acosta

Amanuel Zerihoun

Evaluation Specialist Amanuel Zerihoun

Anish Pradhan

IT Specialist Anish Pradhan

Communication Analyst Sasha Jahic

Jin Zhang

UNEG Specialist Jin Zhang

Andson Nsune

Evaluation Specialist Andson Nsune

Mar Guinot

Evaluation Analyst Mar Guinot

Michelle Sy

Finance Associate Michelle Sy

Flora Jimenez

Administrative Associate Flora Jimenez

Concepcion Cole

Programme Associate Concepcion Cole

Programme AssociateMaristela Gabric

Programme AssociateAshley Suyeon Kim

Sonam Choetsho

Programme Assistant Sonam Choetsho

Antana Locs

Programme Assistant Antana Locs