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Thematic Evaluations - Organizational

Thematic Evaluations assess UNDP performance in areas that are critical to ensuring sustained contribution to development results in the context of emerging development issues and changing priorities at the global and regional levels. To this end, thematic evaluations may cover, for example, UNDP policies, focus areas, partnerships, programmatic approaches, cooperation modalities, or business models. The Evaluation Office also engages in evaluations conducted jointly with other United Nations organizations to assess system-wide performance.

Evaluation of UNDP Strategic Plan 2008-2013

This evaluation provides an assessment of UNDP performance during the period covered by the Strategic Plan and an organizational assessment of UNDP's use of the Plan.

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Evaluation of UNDP Contribution at the Regional Level to Development and Corporate Results

In an increasing inter-connected and inter-dependent world. Regional cooperation has immense potential Countries are collaborating to address challenges that cannot be addressed individually and on regional public goods.

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Evaluation of UNDP Partnership with Global Funds and Philanthropic Foundations

The evaluation report provides insights into UNDP partnerships with global funds and philanthropic foundations.

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Joint terminal evaluation of the implementation of the cooperation agreement between the UNIDO and the UNDP

The evaluation was undertaken in response to the requirement of the UNIDO Industrial Development Board to assess the performance of the Cooperation Agreement between UNDP and UNIDO signed 23 September 2004.

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Evaluation of Results-based Management at UNDP

This report presents the assessment of an independent evaluation conducted by the Evaluation Office of UNDP of the adoption of results based management (RBM) as an approach.

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