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Thematic Evaluations - Other

Thematic Evaluations assess UNDP performance in areas that are critical to ensuring sustained contribution to development results in the context of emerging development issues and changing priorities at the global and regional levels. To this end, thematic evaluations may cover, for example, UNDP policies, focus areas, partnerships, programmatic approaches, cooperation modalities, or business models. The Evaluation Office also engages in evaluations conducted jointly with other United Nations organizations to assess system-wide performance.

Evaluation of Disability-Inclusive Development at UNDP

The evaluation assesses UNDP’s contribution to disability-inclusive development during the period 2008- 2016.

Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to Mine Action

The objective of this evaluation is to determine UNDP's contribution to mine action. UNDP has been a partner on landmine removal in over 40 countries, with some programmes dating back nearly 30 years.

Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to Strengthening National Capacities

As countries take ownership of the development agenda, enhancing sustained abilities for countries to do things for themselves takes centre stage as a critical element of development effectiveness.

Management Response

Evaluation of the Role of UNDP in the Net Contributor Countries of the Arab Region

This independent evaluation of the role of UNDP inthe NCCs of the Arab regionwas commissioned by the Evaluation Office of UNDP.

Management Response

Evaluation of the UNDP Contribution to the Implementation of the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness

Recognizing the need to take stock and learn from UNDP and UNDG experience in new aid modalities, the evaluation was conducted under the umbrella of the first phase of a broader joint evaluation on the implementation of the Paris Declaration by partner countries and bilateral and multilateral partner agencies.

Management Response