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Global Launch Event | Reflections - Lessons from Evaluations: Learning from Past Crises for Recovering from COVID-19

Reflections-Global Launch

As we embark on unprecedented efforts to support countries to get back on a positive development trajectory, evidence-based advice gathered from in-depth evaluations will be invaluable in helping to “build forward better” from the COVID-19 crisis.

Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the Independent Evaluation Office of UNDP launched its first edition of Reflections. Founded upon a decade’s worth of in-depth evaluations of UNDP’s engagement in critical areas, this volume has generated nine thematic papers, 61 lessons and five key takeaways that decision-makers can immediately leverage as they support communities to respond and recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

Join us on April 28th for a global launch event where experts in the field of evaluation and international development will explore insights from Reflections. The event will also be an opportunity to identify potential areas of strengths, challenges or collaborations in the use of evaluative lessons to help decision-makers make the right choices to get the global Sustainable Development Goals firmly back on track – towards a greener, more inclusive and more sustainable future.

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Ramya Ramanath, Associate Professor & Chair, International Public Service degree, School of Public Service, DePaul University (Bio)


Oscar A. Garcia, Director, Independent Evaluation Office, UNDP (Bio)
Alison Evans, Director, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank Group (Bio)
Guy Thijs, Director, Evaluation Office, ILO (Bio)
Isabelle Mercier, Director, International Assistance Evaluation, Global Affairs Canada (Bio)