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Using The Popup Menu Function Fixed Position
The Using The Popup Menu Function Fixed Position sample, allows for the placement of HTML objects to open menus and submenus uses a single point of "onMouseOver()" or "onClick()". In this menu sample you can see that we use a link to activate a menu on mouse over. The HTML object can be any object that you can apply the onMouseOver and onMouseOut events to. This includes Images, Areas, Divs, Links etc.

The HTML used in this sample is:
<a href=yourlink.html onmouseover=popup("mainmenu") onmouseout=popdown()><font size=3 color=green>Move Mouse Over Me</font></a>

The popup() function does all the work and needs only one parameter; the name of the menu it needs to open. This can be placed inside a onMouseOver or onClick event. Other events can also be used to open menus, the key is the popup() function in the right place.
The popdown() function will close all open menus and does not need parameters to be passed, this is usually placed inside a onMouseOut() event.

The Links item is linked to a Submenu, when the mouse moves over the Links text, the Popup Submenu appears. This process is repeated a further level once inside the submenu when it opens the Anti Spam Tools menu.

Note: popup() can be passed 2 parameters. menuname and also a toggle for opening menus by mouse position. The Milonic DHTML Menu constantly monitors the X and Y positions of the mouse position for use within the menu system or any other JavaScript functions. The parameter names are case sensitive and are MouseX & MouseY. Note that you can only reference these 2 variables after the file milonic_src.js has been executed. The command popup("menuname",1) will open a menu positioned closest to the mouse. Note that offsets can be applied to top and left properties to fine tune the position of submenus opened with the popup("menuname",1) command.

Don't forget that there are no limits to the number of submenus a menu can contain, you will of course only be restricted by the physical screen space.