Across Latin America and the Caribbean, UNDP helps countries build and share their own solutions to urgent development challenges, supporting coalitions for change and connecting individuals and institutions so they can share knowledge, experience and resources. As countries develop local capacity, they draw on the people of UNDP and our wide range of regional and global partners.


VI Cumbre de las Américas
Anticipating the Summit, it has been launched the Summits Virtual Community, an online platform that comes together for an ongoing discussion on the progress made among all the actors involved. In this platform you will be able to participate in diverse forums and debates. Join the debate >>

Latin America and the Caribbean: A Biodiversity Superpower
An extraordinary array of goods and services provided by the rich plant and wildlife of Latin America and the Caribbean hangs in the balance unless governments in the region take hold of their full potential as biodiversity superpowers, according to a new report from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).Learn more >>

cover report on democracy in Latin AmericaUNDP, OAS: Second report on democracy in Latin America
Latin America is undergoing its longest period of democratic governance at the same time as experiencing an unprecedented situation in terms of finance, inflation rates and debt, according to a new report.Learn more >>

Caratula Primer Informe sobre Desarrollo Humano en MAerica Latina y el CaribeFirst Human Development Report for Latin America & the Caribbean
Ten of the 15 countries with the highest levels of inequality are in Latin America and the Caribbean. This inequality poses an obstacle to progress in human development, however it can be reduced, according to the new UNDP report. Learn more>>

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    Regional Magazine

    Revista de Desarrollo Humano
    The purpose of this publication is to support efforts to build an intellectual community that can lay the foundations for a discussion forum that operates from a distinctively Latin American point of view.

  • Thematic groups

    Regarding thematic groups

    The following list contains links and descriptions of various regional sites organized by thematic area. To gain access to this information, organized by subject matter, click on the arrows next to each topic.

    Democratic Governance
    This website provides information about all UNDP Country Offices, referring to the governance activities implemented in each country in the region.
    Esta iniciativa busca trabajar sobre las ventajas comparativas de UNICEF y PNUD en el área de manejo de conocimiento, con el fin de desarrollar una base de información estratégica sobre experiencias de gestión local a favor del niño y la adolescencia destinados al uso y capacitación de gobiernos locales y sociedad civil.

    Poverty, human development and MDG's

    Cluster on Poverty, Human Development and the MDG’s
    This website provides information relating to events, news and publications associated with the Thematic Cluster on Poverty, Human Development and the MDG´s.

    Crisis prevention and recovery

    Red Desastres
    This website presents events, news, publications and links to other agencies, projects, strategies, databases and international organizations. It also includes a video library focusing on disaster-related issues, a repository containing key documents and information relating to projects in the region.

    Regional Centre
    UNDP’ s Regional Centre in Panama offers support to Country Offices to strengthen their capacity in project management, and to endorse the creation of strategic alliances and distribution of knowledge in high-priority areas of Latin America and the Caribbean. The Centre is integrated with a growing team of professionals and experts working in initiatives that promotes human development in focus areas such as Democratic Governance, Energy and Environment, Crisis Prevention and Recovery, HIV/AIDS, Capacity Development, and Poverty Reduction and MDG. Additionally, the Regional Centre Office in Port of Spain are also consolidated to fortify the capacity of governments and communities, to promote the sustainable development, and to support the completion of the Millennium Development Goals.