Articulating Territorial and Thematic Networks for Human Development

The ART Global Initiative (Articulation of Territorial and Thematic Networks of Cooperation for Human Development) is UNDP's international cooperation initiative promoting the formulation and implementation of a legal, programmatic, operational and administrative framework - the ART Framework-Programme - in the countries that request it.

UNDP launched the ART Global Initiative in 2005, as part of its commitment to support countries in their efforts to accelerate progress on the MDGs and achieve sustainable development. Since then, the Initiative has demonstrated that regional, municipal and local authorities have an important role to play in promoting sustainable development.

ART's territorial approach is contributing to development effectiveness through the coordination, harmonization and alignment of development efforts of multiple actors at the sub-national level, such as in Morocco, Colombia, Ecuador and Sri Lanka. This work is instrumental in contributing to achieve greater coherence among development partners, the importance of which has been emphasized in Busan and in various fora prior to that, such as the UN 2002 Monterrey Consensus on Financing for Development and the subsequent Doha Declaration.

The Initiative is also an important entry point for Decentralized Cooperation partners to UNDP and the development system, as it offers a tested multilateral framework to assist in identifying the territories' needs and priorities and in making the territories' voices heard. For instance, in 2011 ART had the support of more than 1,600 decentralized cooperation partners (600 from the North and 1,000 from the South) and 40 regional networks and associations; these increasing numbers attest to the Initiative's credibility, expertise and ability to deliver.

UNDP's 19 ART Country Framework Programmes, innovative initiatives and case studies described in this report show that ART is well placed to meaningfully contribute to the new development paradigm and the post- 2015 challenge. With its experience in the field, large networks of decentralized cooperation partners and closeness to local and subnational authorities, the ART Initiative can be the catalyst for achieving sustainable development for all.

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ART Annual Report 2011

ART Annual Report 2011

Enabling Processes for Effective Development Cooperation at the Local Level

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(Lebanon) Ahmad Kahled (left) and Ahmad Mohamad are among more than 100 farmers who are benefiting from the drip irrigation network of 6.5 KM that ART GOLD project supported in Kfar Mishkeh. Photo: Adam Rogers/UNDP | View UNDP ART Initiative's Photostream

While strengthening the national and local capacities according to the needs, the ART GOLD MOROCCO programme supports the implementation of the strategic planning process at the local level (participation, diagnosis, formulation, execution and follow-up-evaluation). Photo: Adam Rogers/UNDP | View UNDP ART Initiative's Photostream