The United Nations Development Programme, headquartered in New York, maintains a network of country, regional and liaison offices around the world in order to maximize its efficiency in working closely with clients and partners. In Geneva, the second UN Headquarters and home to numerous UN, multilateral and civil society organizations, UNDP maintains a Liaison Office that also houses a number of substantive and programmatic units.

The UNDP Geneva Representation Office has specific responsibility for partnership building and donor relations in France and Switzerland. It identifies, builds and develops UNDP's institutional capacity to enhance strategic partnerships across a wide spectrum of partners, principally with programme and donor countries, the UN system, non-governmental and civil society organizations, the private sector, intergovernmental organizations, international finance institutions, regional banks, academia and foundations as well as partners taking part in the UN's decentralized cooperation campaign.

Location in Geneva

The UNDP Geneva Representation Office is located in the second largest UN centre in the world, and the leading international centre for development, health, humanitarian and human rights issues. Important UNDP partners based in Geneva include UNOHCHR, UNHCR, UNAIDS, WHO, ILO and others.

The city provides a base for 91 consulates, more than 200 missions to the UN, 32 missions to the WTO, around 200 NGOs, 23 intergovernmental organizations and approximately 120 multinational companies, including many important banking, insurance and financial concerns. The presence of the UN draws a strong international press contingent.

Many international accords and peace treaties have been signed in Geneva. Geneva is the historic birthplace of international arbitration, cooperation and humanitarian accord. The Alabama Claims (1871) case, which launched the movement to codify international law was settled here, the International Committee of the Red Cross was founded in Geneva in 1864, the first of the Geneva Conventions was agreed in the same year and Geneva was home to the League of Nations from 1919-45.

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