Executive Board of UNDP and UNFPA
First regular session 2002
(28 January - 8 February, New York)

UNFPA advance documentation

UNDP advance documentation:

Please note that the following documents are advance copies. They are made available in the language of submission and are subject to change in the final versions. Final versions of documents are available on the UN Optical Disk System (ODS) in all six languages once officially issued. For further assistance in using the system, please read the Instructions.

Item 1. Organizational matters
DP/2002/L.1 Provisional agenda, annotations, list of documents and tentative work plan Word PDF
DP/2002/L.1/Corr.1 Corrigendum Word PDF
DP/2001/20 Report on the annual session 2001
DP/2002/1 Report on the second regular session 2001 Word PDF
DP/2002/2 Decisions adopted by the Executive Board during 2001
DP/2002/CRP.1 Annual work plan 2002 for the Executive Board Word PDF
Item 2. UNDP Business Plans, 2000-2003
DP/2002/CRP.2 Update on the UNDP Business Plans, 2000-2003 Word PDF
DP/2002/CRP.3 Update on the role of UNDP in crisis and post-conflict situations: Organizational changes Word PDF
Item 3. Country cooperation frameworks and related matters
DP/RCF/RBA/2 Second regional cooperation frameworks for Africa Word PDF
DP/RCF/RLA/2 Second regional cooperation frameworks for Latin America and the Caribbean Word PDF
DP/RCF/RAS/2 Second regional cooperation frameworks for the Arab States Word PDF
  Country cooperation frameworks    
DP/2002/8 Extensions of country cooperation frameworks Word PDF
DP/2002/9 Yugoslavia: Eligibility for independence bonus Word PDF
Item 4. UNAIDS
DP/2002/3 Contribution of UNDP towards reversing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the context of the UN system strategic plan for HIV/AIDS for 2001-2005 Word PDF
Item 5. Special funds and programmes
DP/2002/4 Report on UNDP activities financed by GEF and the Montreal Protocol Word PDF
Item 6. Evaluation
DP/2002/CRP.4 UNDP - UNOPS relationship: Conference room paper submitted jointly by UNDP and UNOPS Word PDF
DP/2002/CRP.5 UNOPS: Note of the Secretary-General Word PDF
DP/2001/26 [English] Annual report of the Administrator on evaluation PDF
DP/2001/26 [French] Évaluation - Rapport de l'Administrateur   PDF
DP/2001/26 [Spanish] Evaluación - Informe del Administrador   PDF
DP/2001/CRP.12 [English] Evaluation of non-core funding resources: Executive summary Word PDF
  Full report [English]    
DP/2001/CRP.12 [French] Évaluation des ressources du PNUD autres que les ressources de base   PDF
  Full report [French]    
DP/2001/CRP.12 [Spanish] Evaluación de los recursos no básicos del PNUD   PDF
  Full report [Spanish]    
DP/2001/CRP.13 [English] Evaluation of direct execution: Executive summary Word PDF
  Full report [English]    
DP/2001/CRP.13 [French] Évaluation de l' exécution directe   PDF
DP/2001/CRP.13 [Spanish] Evaluación de la ejecución directa   PDF
Item 7. Recommendations of the Board of Auditors, 1998-1999
DP/2002/5 UNDP: Report on the implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Auditors for the biennium 1998-1999 Word PDF
DP/2002/6 UNOPS: Report on the implementation of the recommendations of the Board of Auditors for the biennium 1998-1999 Word PDF
Item 8. Reports to the Economic and Social Council
DP/2002/7 UNDP: Report to ECOSOC Word PDF