Executive Board of UNDP and UNFPA
Annual session 2002
(17-28 June, Geneva)

UNFPA advance documentation

UNDP advance documentation:

Please note that the following documents are advance copies. They are made available in the language of submission and are subject to change in the final versions. Final versions of documents are available on the UN Optical Disk System (ODS) in all six languages once officially issued. For further assistance in using the system, please read the Instructions.

Item 1. Organizational matters
DP/2002/L.2 Provisional agenda and list of documents Word  
DP/2002/10 Report on the first regular session 2002 Word  
DP/2002/11 Decisions adopted at the first regular session 2002 Available on the UNODS  
Item 7. Internal audit and oversight
DP/2002/12 UNDP: Report on internal audit and oversight Word  
DP/2002/13 UNOPS: Report on internal audit and oversight Word  
DP/2002/13/Add.1 UNOPS: Report of the UNDP Office of Audit and Performance Review to the Executive Director of UNOPS on internal audit services in 2001 Word  
Item 8. Reports on field visits
DP/2002/CRP.6 Field visit to Senegal Word  
DP/2002/CRP.7 Field visit to Viet Nam Postponed till next session  
Item 9. Annual report of the Administrator
DP/2002/15 Annual report of the Administrator, including the results-oriented annual report (ROAR) Word  
DP/2002/15/Add.1 Reports of the Joint Inspection Unit Word  
DP/2002/15/Add.2 Annual report of the Administrator for 2001, including the results-oriented annual report (ROAR) - Statistical annex Word  

Advance release of the results-oriented annual report 2001

Item 10. United Nations Capital Development Fund
DP/2002/14 Results-oriented annual report of the United Nations Capital Development Fund Word  
Item 11. Funding commitments
DP/2002/16 Status of regular resources funding commitments to UNDP and its funds and programmes for 2002 and onward Word    
DP/2002/CRP.8 Status of regular resources funding commitments to UNDP and its funds and programmes for 2002 and onward - Update on funding commitments   PDF 
Item 12. Programme financing
DP/2002/17 Issues and principles for possible improvements in the present programming arrangements Word  
DP/2002/WP.1 Information relating to the review of the present arrangements for programme financing: working paper PDF     
Item 13. Country cooperation frameworks and related matters
DP/RCF/REC/2 Second regional cooperation framework for Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States Word  
DP/2002/22 Extensions of country cooperation frameworks Word  
  Country programme outlines  


DP/CPO/BOT/1 Botswana Word   PDF
DP/CPO/CMR/1 Cameroon Word Word  
DP/CPO/COI/1 Comoros Word Word  
DP/CPO/EQG/1 Equatorial Guinea Word    PDF
DP/CPO/IVC/1 Côte d'Ivoire Word Word  
DP/CPO/GBS/1 Guinea Bissau Word    
DP/CPO/MAU/1 Mauritania Word   PDF
DP/CPO/PNG/1 Papua New Guinea Word Word  
DP/CPO/LIR/1 Liberia Word    
DP/CPO/MLI/1 Mali Word Word PDF
DP/CPO/NIR/1 Nigeria Word   PDF
DP/CPO/SEY/1 Seychelles Word Word  
DP/CPO/IND/1 India Word   PDF
DP/CPO/MAL/1 Malaysia Word    
DP/CPO/BOL/1 Bolivia Word Word  
DP/CPO/CUB/1 Cuba Word    
DP/CPO/DOM/1 Dominican Republic Word    
DP/CPO/PAN/1 Panama Word    
DP/CPO/VEN/1 Venezuela Word    
  Second country cooperation frameworks    
DP/CCF/ETH/2 Ethiopia Word    PDF
DP/CCF/ALG/2 Algeria Word    PDF
DP/CCF/LEB/2 Lebanon Word    PDF
DP/CCF/BEL/2 Belize Word    
DP/CCF/HON/2 Honduras Word    PDF
DP/2002/CRP.9 Request by Argentina Word    
Item 14. United Nations Volunteers
DP/2002/18 Biennial report on UNV activities Word  
Item 15. United Nations Office for Project Services
DP/2002/19 UNOPS: Annual report of the Executive Director Word  
DP/2002/CRP.10 UNOPS financial, budgetary and administrative matters - ad hoc submission of revised budget estimates for the year 2002 Word    
DP/2002/CRP.12 Report of the Working Group of the MCC on UNOPS PDF    
DP/2002/CRP.13 Report of the Board of Auditors to the General Assembly on the accounts of the UNOPS for the biennium ended 31 December 2001 PDF    
Item 16. UNDP-UNOPS relationship
DP/2002/CRP.11 Joint report of the UNDP Administrator and the UNOPS Executive Director on the progress achieved in the implementation of Executive Board decision 2002/2 concerning the UNDP-UNOPS relationship Word  
Item 17. Other matters
  SPECIAL EVENT: "The role of women and men in reproductive health in post-conflict situations, with a specific focus on the Great Lakes Region"