Executive Board of UNDP and UNFPA
Second regular session 2001
(10-14 September, New York)

UNFPA advance documentation

UNDP advance documentation:

Please note that the following documents are advance copies. They are made available in the language of submission and are subject to change in the final versions. Final versions of documents are available on the UN Optical Disk System (ODS) in all six languages once officially issued. For further assistance in using the system, please read the Instructions.

Item 1. Organizational matters
DP/2001/L.3 Provisional agenda, annotations, list of documents and tentative work plan Word PDF
DP/2001/L.3/Corr.1 Corrigendum to the provisional agenda Word  
DP/2001/20 Report on the annual session 2001
DP/2001/23 Decisions adopted at the annual session 2001
DP/2001/CRP.16 List of items to be taken up by the Executive Board in 2002 Word  
DP/2001/CRP.17 - DP/FPA/2001/CRP.2
Rationalization of documentation and streamlining of working methods of the Executive Board Word PDF
DP/2001/CRP.17 - DP/FPA/2001/CRP.2
Rationalisation de la documentation et simplification des méthodes de travail du Conseil d'administration   PDF
DP/2001/CRP.17 - DP/FPA/2001/CRP.2
Racionalización de la documentación y los métodos de trabajo de la Junta Ejecutiva   PDF
Item 2. UNDP: Financial, budgetary and administrative matters
DP/2001/21 Biennial budget estimates for 2002-2003   PDF
DP/2001/22 Annual review of the financial situation 2000 PDF
DP/2001/22/Add.1 Detailed information relating to the annual review of the financial situation 2000   PDF
DP/2001/24 Report of the ACABQ on biennial budget estimates for 2002-2003   PDF
DP/2001/30 Information on UN system technical cooperation expenditures, 2000 Word  
DP/2001/30/Add.1 Information on UN system technical cooperation expenditures, 2000: Addendum Word  
DP/2001/CRP.18 Amendment to the UNDP financial rules Word  
Item 3. Multi-year funding framework
DP/2001/25 Update on the MYFF and revised integrated resources framework   PDF
Item 4. Evaluation
DP/2001/26 Annual report of the Administrator on evaluation Word PDF
DP/2001/CRP.12 [English] Evaluation of non-core funding resources: Executive summary Word PDF
  Full report [English]    
DP/2001/CRP.12 [French] Évaluation des ressources du PNUD autres que les ressources de base   PDF
  Full report [French]    
DP/2001/CRP.12 [Spanish] Evaluación de los recursos no básicos del PNUD   PDF
  Full report [Spanish]    
DP/2001/CRP.13 [English] Evaluation of direct execution: Executive summary Word PDF
  Full report [English]    
DP/2001/CRP.13 [French] Évaluation de l' exécution directe   PDF
DP/2001/CRP.13 [Spanish] Evaluación de la ejecución directa   PDF
Item 5. Country cooperation frameworks and related matters
DP/2001/27 Assistance to Myanmar Word PDF
DP/2001/31 Nauru: earmarking from TRAC line 1.1.1 (2001-2003) Word PDF
DP/SCF/CAR/1 First subregional cooperation framework for the countries of the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States and Barbados (2001-2003) Word PDF
  Second regional cooperation frameworks for:
DP/RCF/RAP/2 Asia and the Pacific Word PDF
DP/RCF/RLA/2 Latin America and the Caribbean    
  Country review reports    
  Second country cooperation frameworks
  Extensions of the country cooperation frameworks
Item 6. United Nations Office for Project Services
DP/2001/28 UNOPS: Revised budget estimates for the biennium 2000-2001 and budget estimates for the biennium 2002-2003 Word PDF
DP/2001/28/Add.1 Statistical annex Word PDF
DP/2001/29 Report of the ACABQ on the UNOPS revised budget estimates for the biennium 2000-2001 and budget estimates for the biennium 2002-2003   PDF
DP/2001/CRP.15 [English] Evaluation of the relationship between UNDP and UNOPS: Progress achieved by UNOPS on the recommendations pertaining to UNOPS Word PDF
DP/2001/CRP.15 [French] Évaluation des relations entre l'UNOPS et le PNUD: progrès accomplis par l'UNOPS dans la mise en oeuvre des recommendations qui le concernent   PDF
DP/2001/CRP.15 [Spanish] Evaluación de la relación entre el PNUD y la UNOPS: Progresos realizados en la UNOPS respecto de las recomendaciones relativas a la UNOPS   PDF