Reflections - Lessons from Evaluations

Reflections book
Reflections - Lessons from Evaluations: Learning from Past Crises for Recovering from COVID-19

The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) plays an important role as a central and impartial knowledge provider helping UNDP to make decisions and policies based on evaluative evidence. In 2020, the IEO launched Reflections - a knowledge product that offers lessons from past evaluations and provides valuable insights for organizational learning and improved decision-making towards better development results. Reflections are Rapid Evaluation Assessments that provide syntheses from thousands of evaluations of UNDP development activities carried out over the past decade. This book is the first volume in the series and outlines 61 lessons from evaluations of UNDP's work in crisis settings to support decision-makers, especially at the country level, in their COVID-19 crisis response and recovery efforts.

Editor: Independent Evaluation Office
Author: Independent Evaluation Office
Publication Date: February 2021