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Pre Conference Workshops
16-17 October
NEC Conference
18-20 October

Two sets of one-day training workshops will be organized on 16 and 17 October to allow participants to explore subjects in-depth with experts from around the world.

Workshop 1: Multi-stakeholder partnerships for achieving the SDGs: implications for evaluation practice

Workshop 2: Améliorer l’utilisation des données d’évaluation par les décideurs au sein du gouvernement

Workshop 3: Private sector evaluation

Workshop 4: Theory-based evaluation in practice

Workshop 5: ¿El género+ se está quedando atrás en la medición de los ODS?

Workshop 6: Knowledge brokers game-based workshop

Workshop 7:Establishing a National Evaluation System: Case of Kazakhstan / Создание национальной системы оценки: пример Казахстана (In Russian, with English translation)

Workshop 8: Outcome Harvesting —An evaluation approach for identifying and understanding development outcomes in complex circumstances

Workshop 9: Tools for Conducting Evaluation System Diagnostics in Governments

Workshop 10: Building better from the beginning: developing theories of change in the context of climate change and ensuring quality at entry for climate change and environment programmes

Workshop 11: Using Technology to Enhance Applied Research & Evaluation

Workshop 12: Evaluating the Sustainable Development Goals within a “No one left behind” lens through equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations

Workshop 13: Impact evaluation: scope and limits in the real world