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Small Grants Programme Evaluation (SGP) Webinar

SGP webinar

The Independent Evaluation Offices (IEO) of the GEF and UNDP conducted a joint evaluation of the Small Grants Programme (SGP). The report was finalized and presented to the GEF Council in June 2015.

In order to further increase the utility of the joint evaluation and to share its findings and recommendations, the IEO’s of UNDP and GEF conducted a webinar on "What did the 2nd joint evaluation of the SGPs find?". The webinar took place in three languages and was presented by Heather Bryant (Evaluation Advisor, UNDP), Carlo Carugi, (Senior Evaluation Officer, GEF ) and Clemencia Vela (Evaluation Consultant).


» Heather Bryant, Evaluation Advisor, UNDP (@HLBryantMorf)

» Carlo Carugi, Senior Evaluation Officer, GEF (ccarugi@thegef.org)

» Clemencia Vela, Evaluation Consultant (GEF IEO Consultant)

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