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New analytical capabilities launched for UNDP IEO’s AI-powered platform, AIDA

New York, 20 September 2023

The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) of UNDP unveiled the second phase of development for its powerful artificial intelligence platform, AIDA, today. AIDA – or Artificial Intelligence for Development Analytics – is a use of AI for development that is unmatched in the UN system.

AIDA is a set of powerful AI models that enable users to easily browse more than 6,000 evaluation reports through a simple interface. It filters search results and uses sentiment analysis to help users identify where UNDP performs well, and less well. With the upgrades to the platform that are the lynchpin of phase 2, AIDA reaches another level in its ability to unpack the insights hidden in the results of its smart searches, making its outputs more user-friendly and easier to apply by development practitioners.

The new layer of functionality brought by this upgrade makes AIDA’s search capabilities more sophisticated and expands the potential uses of the tool for a growing audience. Chief among the new features are sentiment analysis and a new clustering model, which captures key topics in the thousands of results that emerge from a search, and groups them in sets. Additional new features like data visualization capabilities and a generative AI add-on mean AIDA can now summarize and organize search results into easily digestible formats. The resulting datasets connect evaluative evidence to additional information sources and present it in accessible and visually appealing formats. Drawing on the World Development Indicators and UNDP financial data, AIDA’s upgrade allows users to quickly gain insights from the evaluative evidence and position these insights within a global development context. As a result, users can better understand and assess the progress made by UNDP toward crucial development objectives for people and planet.

Since the IEO launched AIDA in February 2022, the number of frequent users has steadily increased. To date, users have experienced only the foundations of AIDA’s potential. “This next phase in AIDA’s development will, we hope, launch the platform’s utility into the stratosphere,” said Mr. Alan Fox, the IEO Deputy Director, speaking from UNDP headquarters in New York today. “I am immensely proud of AIDA, the result of a fruitful collaboration of some years with Amazon Web Services, the UN International Computing Centre and the UNDP Information and Technology Management team. By establishing the platform’s analytical capabilities, phase 2 puts the second ‘A’ in AIDA. This is the moment that AIDA truly comes into its own as a revolutionary use of AI for development.”

The IEO is mandated to evaluate development programmes in the 170 countries where UNDP operates and is responsible for conducting evaluation to promote accountability and learning within UNDP. AIDA was developed by the IEO with the support of UNDP’s Information and Technology Management team, the United Nations International Computing Centre and Amazon Web Services.

Try AIDA here: https://aida.undp.org/