Chap 7. Assuring the quality of evaluation design and methodology

This chapter describes key components of quality evaluation design and elements of quality evaluation reports to help UNDP managers, evaluation managers and partners carry out effective quality assurance of the evaluation process and products. It is intended to enhance knowledge about available methods and tools to ensure that key evaluation products—such as the ToR, evaluation design and reports—meet the quality criteria as defined by the governing norms, standards and policies. This chapter also aims to help external evaluators understand the quality standards that are expected of evaluations in UNDP.

While external evaluators are responsible for refining the methodology and carrying out the evaluation, overall design and methodology is largely determined by the information provided in the evaluation ToR. Therefore, those responsible for drafting the ToR can refer to this chapter for information on key elements of the design and the role of stakeholders, defining the context, the evaluation purpose, and focusing the evaluation before drafting and finalizing the ToR. Quality assurance considerations for the evaluation methodology (Section 7.5) are also covered in this chapter.