Annex 4. Global, regional and national evaluation networks

Increasingly, evaluation communities at national, regional and global levels are making important contributions to the evaluation field. Their participation and engagement have helped to build stronger ties with civil society, local and national counterparts, and the government. Such groups have increasingly taken part in UNDP-run conferences and workshops, providing a vital link between UNDP projects and local and national stakeholders, increasing demand for high-quality evaluative evidence and knowledge, disseminating useful knowledge products and services, and improving learning in evaluation practices. Expertise of the members of these networks can be drawn upon to support the quality assurance of decentralized evaluations and serve as external experts. Some examples of national, regional and international evaluation networks include the following:
National Networks
American Evaluation Society (AEA),
Associazione Italiana di Valutazione (AIV),
Australian Evaluation Society (AES),
Brazilian Evaluation Network,
Burkina Faso Evaluation Network
Canadian Evaluation Society (CES),
Danish Evaluation Society,
Finnish Evaluation Society,
German Evaluation Society,
Israeli Association for Program Evaluation,
Japan Evaluation Society (JES),
Malaysian Evaluation Society (MES),
Niger Network of Monitoring and Evaluation (ReNSE),
Polish Evaluation Society,,71/Strona-glowna.html
Spanish Evaluation Society,
Sri Lanka Evaluation Association (SLEvA),
Swiss Evaluation Society,
UK Evaluation Society,
Zambia Evaluation Association

Regional Networks
African Evaluation Association (AfrEA),
European Evaluation Society (EES),
International Program Evaluation Network (IPEN),
Latin American Evaluation Network (PREVAL),
Latin America and the Caribbean Network of Monitoring, Evaluation and Systematization (RELAC)

International Networks
International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE),
International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS),
Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP),