Annex 2. Field visit report format

The content of the field visit report varies depending on the purpose of the visit. At a minimum, any field visit report must contain an analysis of the progress towards results, the production of outputs, partnerships, key challenges and proposed actions. This format may be changed to suit local needs.

Date of visit:___________________

Subject and venue of visit: ________________________ [Project number(s) and title(s), venue visited]

Purpose of the field visit:


Update on outcomes


Update on outputs

Reasons if progress below target

Update on partnership strategies

Recommendations and proposed action


A brief analysis on any relevant changes pertaining to the outcome as stated in results matrix.

State output from project document or work plan.

Achievements of the project in outputs (marking if strategic) and soft assistance (if any).

If applicable.


Actions on any matter related to outcome, progress of outputs, and/or partnerships. Corrective measures. Responsibilities/time.


[If the person conducting the field visit observes problems that are generic and not related to any specific output, or that apply to all of them, he or she should address the ‘top three’ such challenges.]

List the main challenges experienced during implementation and propose a way forward.

  1. ________________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________



Describe briefly key lessons learned during the project:

  1. ________________________________________________________
  2. ________________________________________________________
  3. ________________________________________________________

Participants in the field visit:
Prepared by: __________________ (Name, title and organization)     

    • List of persons met 
    • Other annexes