Evaluation Planning (June 2021)

Guidline Section

Section three outlines how to develop a programme units evaluation plan, including who should be involved in the development of the plan, what the plan should contain, plan budget considerations and how the evaluation plan should be managed throughout the programme cycle.

As a programme unit plans its activities over a strategic period (for example, through the CPD in the case of country offices) it is important to also plan how a programme unit will check its progress towards agreed development goals and outcomes at all levels (project, programme, outcome etc.). Evaluation planning is necessary in order to support course correction if needed, check progress (in the case of mid-term evaluations and reviews) or capture results (in the case of final and terminal evaluations).

An evaluation plan is a strategic document that is constantly used to check progress towards agreed evaluation commitments, produce evaluation findings to support change and aid knowledge gathering and inform UNDP’s work. Programme units should ensure that the evaluation plan is an effective learning and accountability tool and is not only a compliance document that contains only mandatory evaluations.