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Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to Strengthening National Capacities


As countries take ownership of the development agenda, enhancing sustained abilities for countries to do things for themselves takes centre stage as a critical element of development effectiveness. UNDP’s support to this nationally-driven process plays a critical role in enhancing its leadership role in capacity development. For UNDP, capacity development is the "how" of what it does and UNDP has put in extraordinary resources in its conceptualization and activities. UNDP has received international recognition for its lead role in the area. The model applied by UNDP is, however, largely a supply-driven model which is not bolstered by adequate organizational learning and incentive systems.

The evaluation recommends that UNDP continue to enhance its lead role at the international level while developing and applying a model which is nationally driven, and seek to develop increased conceptual and managerial integration within the organization consistent with the objectives of the strategic plan. Of particular importance is rigor in engaging governments in all contexts in addressing the longer term requirements of capacity development.

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