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UNDP support to energy access and transition


The global community is at a crucial point, and decisions made about energy production today will determine whether we meet the target of global access to clean and affordable energy by 2030. UNDP is committed to climate action, and its efforts to expand access to energy for people in developing and fragile contexts are designed to contribute to the transition to clean energy sources and drive innovation. Improving access to renewable energy will incur benefits beyond the energy sector, and is expected to speed progress towards several of the Sustainable Development Goals.

This evaluation was undertaken through the lens of the urgent need to speed up the move away from overreliance on fossil fuels as we strive to close the energy gap. Its recommendations outline a course of action, streamlined with the ambition expressed at the United Nations High-Level Dialogue on Energy in September 2021 and in the UNDP Strategic Plan, 2022-2025, which will inform the work of UNDP in this important field.