Independent Country Programme Evaluation: Seychelles


This report examines the relevance and strategic positioning of UNDP support and its contributions to the country’s development from 2017 to 2020. It provides a set of forward-looking recommendations, with a view to supporting the country office and its partners in the continuous efforts to improve the country programme by learning from the achievements and challenges.

This evaluation highlights the important role UNDP has played in supporting and facilitating Seychelles to access finance for climate change adaptation and environmental management. This work is of critical importance for Seychelles, given its high economic reliance on its marine and terrestrial biodiversity.

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The ADR in Seychelles examines the relevance and strategic positioning of UNDP support and contributions to the country’s development from 2003 to 2009. It assesses UNDP interventions under the various thematic areas of the country programme with the aim of providing forward-looking recommendations meant to assist the UNDP country office and its partners in the formulation of the forthcoming country programme. The evaluation found that the UNDP support has generally been well aligned to national policies and plans and has responded to priorities and needs in the environment and governance sectors. UNDP has been successful in mobilizing large amounts of funding to national environmental priority issues. This creates a real possibility of protecting the country’s critical natural resources base.

In democratic governance, UNDP interventions have generally been well institutionalized and sustainable. UNDP support to raising awareness on human rights, strengthening the Parliament and the judiciary, and supporting national capacity to develop human resources responded to national needs and priorities. UNDP contributed to building capacity of the government to respond to disasters, and in disaster risk reduction. The evaluation, however, points to missed opportunities in the area of public-sector reforms and a more systematic support to developing capacities in the environment sector.

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