Assessment of Development Results: Rwanda


The ADR in Rwanda covered the period 2000 to 2007 and offered guidance to a country office poised to play a key role in Rwanda’s ‘One UN’ pilot. Rwanda occupies a unique position in the middle of the heavily populated and volatile western Great Lakes region and UNDP has been a valued partner of the Rwandan government in recent years. UNDP’s contributions to Rwandan development are highly relevant though sometimes diminished by less-than-optimal delivery, a problem shared with many UNDP country offices.

The ADR recommended UNDP sharpen its focus onto those areas where UNDP can bring the most added value, then strengthen its corresponding in-house capacities. In the context of the ‘One UN’ pilot, UNDP Rwanda needs to be very clear about the roles they play in relation to other members of the UN Country Team and the rationale for these roles. UNDP Rwanda needs to devote its resources to those areas where it can achieve maximum coherence and synergies with the programmes of partner agencies. The ADR also suggested the need to expand UNDP’s partnerships with Rwandan civil society organizations and stay well informed of the situation in Rwanda’s crowded rural areas. The vast majority of Rwanda’s population remains rural based. Development there, as well as in adjacent countries, will be critical determinants of Rwanda’s future.

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1. Introduction

2. Country Context

3. Development Results

4. Cross-cutting Issues

5. Strategic Positioning

6. Conclusions and Recommendation

7. Annexes