Assessment of Development Results: Philippines


This ADR has examined contribution made by UNDP to development results and the strategic positioning of UNDP in the Philippines during the latest two programming cycles: 2001-2009.

The ADR found that the UNDP programme in the Philippines has made substantive contributions to development, relative to its financial resources, through advocacy and support to statistical reporting around the MDGs and incorporating the MDGs in local planning and budgeting. Contribution of UNDP in advancing environmental management and supporting the peace process in Mindanao were also found to be significant and sustainable, thanks to UNDP’s highly valued neutrality and willingness to support research, planning and innovative pilots and a broad range of strategic partnerships, including with Civil Society Organizations. UNDP has also succeeded in narrowing its programme focus, particularly in the governance programme. However, the evaluation found that this has left behind some activities that are important national priorities where UNDP can leverage its strengths. The evaluation recommends that UNDP follow up with its support in MDG-based planning and budgeting through advocacy and a resource mobilization strategy. UNDP should also revisit governance initiatives that were terminated when the focus of the programme was changed and reconsider a more strategic role. In terms of programme management, UNDP should establish clear mechanisms to generate and implement synergies across practice areas and continue to strengthen result-orientation and mainstreaming of gender and Rights-Based Approach in its programming.

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