Assessment of Development Results: Republic of Congo


This evaluation examined UNDP's contributions to national development goals, its relevance and strategic position within the country during the period between 2014 to 2018. It provides forward-looking recommendations, with a view to supporting the country office and its partners in the continuous efforts to improve the country programme by learning from the achievements and challenges.

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The ADR Republic of the Congo covered the period from 2004-2007 and has supported the process of developing the new country programme 2009-2013. The evaluation report concludes that the UNDP has made judicious decisions in the selection of its areas of intervention but it is now time to question the pertinence of continuing post-conflict type of activities beyond the current programme cycle. The evaluation recommends that the next country programme should build upon the demonstrated comparative advantages of UNDP in the Congo, namely its support for good governance, its pro-poor and community development approach, its regional approach to environmental issues and its strong advocacy capability. It should gradually phase out activities directly related to the post-conflict period and peace building should become the underlying theme for most activities.

Full Report: English | Français

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