Assessment of Development Results: 2002

Assessment of Development Results: India

India Assessment of Development Results (ADR) covers the period of the first Country Cooperative Framework from 1997 to 2002. The evaluation found that UNDP India, along with its development partners within the government and the voluntary sector, has brought about a profound change in the character of its interventions, from building institutions to developing community-based, people-centred programmes. UNDP has been successful in achieving people’s participation in the process and developed strong partnerships with the relevant development actors and stakeholders, including civil society groups and women’s groups.

Assessment of Development Results: Sudan

The Assessment of Development Results (ADR) covers the period from 1997 to 2001. The evaluation found that UNDP’s nascent peace building activities have shown considerable potential in terms of strategic positioning and relevance, however, UNDP does not yet have a clear strategy to guide its work in the area of peace building. UNDP’s programme in Sudan has been compartmentalized and its results dispersed. Management issues had a substantial impact on the programme performance and UNDP’s reputation in the Country, and there is a need for the country office to build its internal capacities to deliver on its programmes and account for resources. The evaluation underscored the importance of partnership building with other donors and non-governmental organizations in creating opportunities for future dialogue on the peace process.