Who Are the Question-makers?
A Participatory Evaluation Handbook

OESP Handbook Series
Editorial Board: Sharon Capeling-Alakija, Carlos Lopes, Abdenour Benbouali
and Djibril Diallo
Managing Editor: Janet Donnelly

© OESP, 1997
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United Nations Development Programme
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Part One:
Participatory Evaluation: An Overview

Part Two:
Participatory Evaluation

Part Three:
Participation within UNDP

Part Four:
How to do a Participatory Evaluation

Part Five:
Training Module ''Money and Mambas''

Money and Mambas or Listening to the People. Case Study: Participatory Evaluation of a Water and Sanitation Project

Questions for Group Work

Annex I.

Annex II.

Annex III.

Annex IV.