National Execution: Promises and Challenges

Evaluation Team:
Fuat Andic (Team Leader)
Richard Huntington
Ralf Maurer

Office of Evaluation and Strategic Planning, UNDP, New York, 1995


I. Future Direction

Introduction: From Agency Execution to National Execution
Achievements of NEX
Summary of Recommendations


II. National Execution Background

NEX Evolution, 1976-1995
Growth of NEX


III. NEX Performance During the Fifth Programming Cycle

The Challenge of Introducing National Execution
NEX Expands the Sense of Ownership, but a Price
Has NEX Increased Self-Reliance?
Has NEX Reinforced Capacity Building?
Has NEX Improved Cost Effectiveness?
Has NEX Enhanced Sustainable Development?
Has NEX Provided Adequate Financial Accountability?
Has NEX Compromised Substantive Accountability?


IV. Selected Country Case Studies

Case One: The People's Republic of China
Case Two: Ethiopia
Case Three: Peru
Overall Conclusion


V. Changing Institutional Roles

Restructuring Specialized Agencies'Roles
Diversity of Modes of NEX Executing Arrangements
Participation Beyond Government Agencies
Country Office Workload and Support Units
Cost-Sharing under NEX


VI. Promise and Challenges

Promise of National Execution
Challenges of Effective National Execution