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Evaluation of Agenda 2030
Evaluation for Agenda 2030 – Providing Evidence on Progress and Sustainability

We need to understand the way forward on the many challenges in the SDGs. If we truly want to “leave no one behind,” we need to learn from our mistakes and from efforts to build inclusive and equitable societies that can sustain themselves. This book is written from the perspective of 38 evaluation experts based globally and presents a variety and depth of topics which the global evaluation community is faced with, such as taking sustainability into account; how to leave ‘no one behind’ when evaluating sustainability; capacities and capabilities needed to undertake evaluation; how countries and regions incorporate sustainability into country-led evaluation systems; addressing negative consequences and impacts of interventions including role of evaluation to highlight relevant issues such as safeguards; and evaluation of impact to tackle demand for evidence.

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ISBN (paper): 978-1-9999329-0-9
ISBN (electronic): 978-1-9999329-1-6