Africa-Asia Drought Risk Management Peer Assistance Network

Recognizing the increasing threats of extreme climatic events worldwide, the UNDP/DDC has launched the Africa-Asia Drought Risk Management Peer Assistance Network (AADP), with financial support from the Government of Japan. This Network was formulated as part of the three-year Africa-Asia Drought Risk Management (DRM) Peer Assistance Project (2010-2013). The objective of the project is to mitigate the risks of drought and improve human livelihoods in Africa and Asia by creating an enabling environment for inter-regional knowledge sharing among drought-prone countries and facilitating the up-scaling of proven DRM best practices in the two regions.

A rich collection of knowledge-based resources already exists in Asia for DRM and resilience building, both at policy and practice levels, many of which are deemed applicable in the African context, and vice versa. Yet much of this potential remains unrealized, in part due to lack of formalized institutional mechanisms to promote south-south cooperation and exchange across the regions.

In order to help link knowledge producers and users beyond regional boundaries, AADP aims to establish a robust, yet flexible, inter-regional network for DRM, building on the pool of experiences and expertise of the ongoing African Drought Risk and Development Network (ADDN) initiative. The network will work closely with ongoing and upcoming UNDP/non-UNDP programmes and projects and provide them with a variety of peer learning and capacity development support, based on their specific thematic priorities, operational gaps and capacity needs.

Monthly AADP Newsletter
The AADP e-Newsletter is dedicated to informing the practitioners and policymakers working in drought prone countries in Africa and Asia of DRM related opportunities for networking, training/workshops and employment at various levels.

Africa-Asia Drought Adaptation Forum
AADP is committed to convene the Drought Adaptation Forum at the Africa-Asia inter-regional level on an annual basis. The first Africa-Asia Drought Adaptation Forum was held in Bangkok, Thailand, on June 14-15, 2011. It intended to help establish effective modalities for identifying, exchanging and up-scaling good DRM practices within and between affected countries in the two regions.

In the face of catastrophic drought crisis in the Horn of Africa (HoA) region, the ADDN Secretariat, UN-ISDR and the UNDP-DDC, jointly organized the Fourth Africa Drought Adaptation (ADAF4) in Nairobi, Kenya, on October 13-14, 2011. AADP supported the ADAF4 by bringing in the resource persons with knowledge and expertise in different aspects of DRM from Africa and Asia, whose experiences and insights provided a strong ground based on which to map out the practical solutions to overcome the barriers and constraints for sustainable DRM in the HoA.

Topics on Sustainable Land Management