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The New Public Finance: Responding to Global Challenges

Providing Global Public Goods: Managing Globalization

Global Public Goods: International Cooperation in the 21st Century

A follow-up to the two preceding volumes, The New Public Finance has a more specific focus on new policy approaches and instruments for financing international cooperation. Read full summary Providing Global Public Goods advances the globalization debate on three fronts: the concept of global public goods, how it matters to the poor and developing countries, and the operationalization of the concept. Read full summary Providing impetus and recognition for global public goods, Global Public Goods has opened up avenues for further dialogue and action among Northern and Southern governments and policy-makers. Read full summary
Edited by Inge Kaul and Pedro Conceição, Oxford University Press, 2006 Edited by Inge Kaul, Pedro Conceição, Katell Le Goulven and Ronald U. Mendoza, Oxford University Press, 2003 Edited by Inge Kaul, Isabelle Grunberg and Marc Stern, Oxford University Press, 1999